Receive a Washington state-approved, quality learning experience. Your driver education will be informative and fun, and most importantly, you will learn how to become a safe and accident-free driver for life.

All classes are taught by experienced and certified Department of Licensing instructors who have a passion for learning and safety behind-the-wheel.

Olympic Driving School opened its first location in West Olympia on May 1st, 2017. After receiving a warm welcome to the Olympia area we decided to expand into nearby communities. We now have 3 locations: Olympia, Lacey, and Centralia!

We believe that driving a vehicle requires maturity, composure, and discipline. As such, we treat our students like adults, expecting them to take responsibility both in class and behind-the-wheel. This attitude is also reflected in our teaching methods.

We've found that most driving schools teach their students like they're still in middle school. At other schools, students begin class by reading from the textbook and filling out worksheets while the instructor is nowhere to be found. The instructor then reviews the material for a short period, after which the students take a written quiz and are sent on their way.

Our approach is more mature and engaging. Our driver ed instructors present material for the majority of the class period using modern technology and curriculum to keep students focused and involved. We allow students to use their cell phones to take notes, take pictures of slides, and take their quizzes. Our electronic quizzes provide instructors with real-time feedback so they can assess the students' understanding of topics and adapt their teaching to students' needs.

Olympic Driving School is owned and operated by Scott and Ashley Jensen. They are dedicated to providing students in Thurston and Lewis counties with a quality, affordable driver's education. Our instructors love to teach and are proactive in getting to know the students. We value the power of education and hire instructors who share an enthusiasm for knowledge.